Bostik Introduces One-of-a-Kind Dimension™ Reflective, Pre-mixed Urethane Grout

Middleton, Mass. (Jan 20, 2011) — Bostik’s Consumer & Construction (C&C) Division proudly introduces DimensionTM, a reflective, pre-mixed urethane grout unlike any other on the market.

Bostik’s Dimension is a patented, glass-filled, ready-to-use, water-based urethane grout. Dimension contains micro glass beads and a translucent urethane binder that both reflects light and allows light to pass through it and illuminate tiles directly.


9-lb. pail            18-lb. pail

  • Adds a new dimension to ALL tile installations: Ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal and natural stone tiles — on floors and walls, interior and exterior;
  • Delivers a unique reflective appearance;
  • Offers limitless design possibilities;
  • Never requires sealing;
  • Is stain proof;
  • Is LEED compliant: It contains 80% recycled glass;
  • Is pre-mixed/ready to use;
  • Is chemical and mildew resistant;
  • Contains Bostik’s BlockadeTM antimicrobial protection;
  • Is UV stable: It will not yellow or darken;
  • Will not fade, streak or shade — even when wet;
  • Does not exhibit efflorescence;
  • Is resistant to cracks, while offering flexibility and low shrinkage;
  • Is perfect for vertical surfaces thanks to its non-sag formula;
  • Has a 3-hour working time;
  • Is easy to install — 30% to 50% faster than other grouts;
  • Offers easy cleanup with water; and
  • Allows excess product to be saved and used later (when stored properly in container).

 “With Dimension, the cured grout joint looks completely different than anything else out there,” says Rich D’Autilio, Director of Marketing & Sales for Bostik’s C&C Division. “Dimension truly is one-of-a-kind. It’s a grout game changer that provides limitless design possibilities with its 15 translucent, 3-dimensional and reflective colors.”

Dimension’s colors include: Amber, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Bronze, Citrine, Copper, Diamond, Hematite, Jade, Moonstone, Onyx, Opal, Palm Wood, Silver and Topaz. The added design dimension includes the look of specks of diamond, or other precious gems or metals,
in the grout — all enhanced by light.

Bostik’s Dimension is available in 9-pound and 18-pound pails.

“Designers are referring to Dimension as ‘upcale,’ ‘artsy’ and even ‘breathtaking’ — which is absolutely unheard of in the grout world,” notes Scott Banda, National Marketing Manager for Bostik’s C&C Division. “Equally important, contractors love it. Dimension gives contractors an opportunity to upsell — while cutting their grout times by one-third to one-half and leaving their clients with true works of tile art.” 

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