Bostik’s EvoStik provides remarkable adhesion to glass, aluminum, galvanized steel and metal and plastic corner keys. With a very low moisture vapor transmission rate and gas permeability, EvoStik acts as a thermal break.  

EvoStik is a compounded polyisobutylene hot melt sealant that is compatible with chemically-cured secondary sealants and provides excellent UV resistance. It’s easy to apply with standard dispensing equipment. No cleaning or purging of dispensing equipment is required.  

EvoStik offers essential benefits that impact your bottom line. It’s more robust for better handling and stacking ability. It extrudes more easily for less downtime. Unit life is improved. Its superior performance results in reduced material, manufacturing and labor costs for you.


Bostik not only provides PIB primary sealants, but has improved the technology to offer both curing and non-curing primary sealants. These offer improved gas retention and long-term durability. Curable primary sealants and non-curing primary sealants are specially formulated to compensate for the shortcomings of standard PIB.


EvoStik is specially formulated for use in the production of dual seal insulating glass units. It provides a true dual seal and was the first of its kind in the insulated glass market. EvoStik can be co-extruded with other curable technologies on linear extruders. It can also be used as a spacer bar adhesive.

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