Flexible Packaging

Bostik designs and manufactures adhesives, coatings and resins for a variety of flexible packaging converting applications. Our Herberts laminating adhesives provide systems that are used for film to foil and film to film laminating adhesives for food and medical packaging. We have a complete line of solvent and solventless adhesives for use in high-speed applications. Our TURBO-SEAL® and NIP-WELD® cold seal adhesives are used where high-speed packaging is desired. Originally designed for confectionary packaging, these systems are in use in medical packaging, cereal bars and snack food packaging.

Bostik supplies resins in a variety of forms for use in Food Packaging Applications. Its Vitel® resins are applied via solution, extrusion coating or coextrusion on to PET films. These coatings provide an effective heat seal system that can be used in microwavable or ovenable packaging. Our TEE series resins are used where an effective lid seal is needed for room temperature or refrigerated applications. Lastly, our M-series, extrudable PSA resins are sued for reseal applications as a coextruded layer within a polyolefin sheet.

While most of our applications are for flexible packaging, Bostik’s Vitel®resins can be formulated into coatings for food cans. They are BADGE free alternatives to epoxy coatings. They can be formulated into spray apply systems for interior and exterior can coating. They can be formulated and cryogenically ground into powders for thermal stripe applications in three-piece cans.

Bostik also provides adhesives for a variety of Industrial Applications


For the converter, Bostik is a complete supplier of laminating adhesives, coatings and materials to enhance package design, improve converting and packaging efficiency and produce a cost effective packaging solution.


Bostik manufactures its products at facilities in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. We provide local support in all regions of the world for the following globally recognized products.

  • Confectionary, bakery and nutraceutical Foods
  • Salty and savory snack foods
  • Meat and cheese packaging
  • Frozen foods packaging
  • Medical and pharmaceutical packaging

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